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The EXOCET MM40 BLOCK 3 weapon system is the latest generation ship-borne variant within the EXOCET family (recognised worldwide as the benchmark for anti-ship missile capability and effectiveness). It is in service with several navies around the world.

EXOCET MM40 BLOCK 3 provides a very long range capability, even in adverse weather conditions:

  • 200 km class operational range at very low altitude against all classes of warship.
  • All-weather capability (an active RF homing head is a must to achieve this).
  • High hit probability even against moving targets.
  • Littoral and coastal land attack capabilities.
  • Outstanding penetration capability against enemy air defences.
  • High flexibility to cope with complex attack scenarios. 

A new navigation and propulsion package on EXOCET MM40 BLOCK 3 allows for the programming of 3D way-points, optimised trajectories and simultaneous terminal attacks of multiple missiles.

EXOCET MM40 BLOCK 3 is compatible with most of the EXOCET logistics support assets already in service. Its launching system is interoperable with all MM40 versions, thus enabling a smooth transition to BLOCK 3. The MM40 BLOCK 3 shipset is versatile enough for installation on a wide range of naval platforms.

  • Combat proven
  • Deployable in adverse weather conditions
  • Complex scenarios
  • Long range capability against moving targets
  • Littoral warfare and coastal land attack
  • Compatible with existing EXOCET MM40 assets