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L&T – Partnering the Indian Armed Forces over three decades

L&T is one of India's leading companies for supply of Defence Equipment and Systems in the private sector, with over three decades of partnership with the Indian Armed Forces and the DRDO. The Company provides indigenous, design-to-delivery solutions across the defence spectrum, including a range of land-based weapon launch systems, air defence and artillery systems and upgrades, naval weapon launch systems with fire control solutions, bridging systems, communication, avionics, C4I and missile systems.

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  • Radar, Tracking & Communications

    From radar deployment systems to Chemical Agent Monitors and rugged-ised Tactical Communications Systems, L&T has developed systems that are highly mobile and easy to set up in a short period of time. L&T works closely with DRDO and the Armed Forces to improve existing systems and develop new ones to meet the challenges of modern warfare.

  • Mobility Platforms

    It is no secret that the force that attacks when or where least expected is the one to emerge victorious. L&T's mobility platforms range from submarines to warships and armoured vehicles – each designed to move to the scene of combat with speed and stealth. A range of specially-designed engineering systems for ships and submarines, and mobile bridging and logistic support solutions ensures effective movement of troops, supplies and equipment to the front-lines, enhancing operational efficiencies.

  • Weapon Systems

    L&T develops and offers complete systems and solutions for the armed forces. The Company leverages in-house technology, manufacturing and product development capabilities to manufacture multi-disciplinary weapon systems for naval and land-based platforms. The product portfolio includes weapon launch systems for missiles, torpedoes and rockets in various configurations, along with customized fire control systems. L&T also offers modular upgrade packages for old generation weapon systems, to meet the requirements of modern warfare.

    L&T has successfully demonstrated its capability to manufacture and realise systems and subsystems of missiles like Propulsion systems, Fin actuation systems, Electromechanical subassemblies, containers, canisters, air frames, wings, stabiliser fins and more, using varied metals including exotic metals and advanced composites.

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